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Sailing Ship Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Sailing Ship Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

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Set sail with our Sailing Ship Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle, where every piece brings you closer to the open ocean. This puzzle is not just a game but a journey through the golden age of piracy and exploration. Ideal for those who like the call of the sea, this puzzle is a fantastic way to bring the adventure home. 

Embark on a high-seas adventure with the Sailing Ship Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle, a beautifully crafted puzzle that captures the spirit of nautical exploration.

Key Features:

  • Sizes: Choose from S (9.89.7in, 100 pcs), M (11.811.7in, 200 pcs), and L (13.8*13.6in, 300 pcs) for the perfect fit to your puzzle-solving appetite.
  • Material: Made with fine wood, providing a durable and pleasing tactile experience.
  • Intended Age Range: Suitable for ages 8 to adult, it's a challenging and enjoyable puzzle for all skill levels.
  • Design: The puzzle features a majestic sailing ship, complete with intricate details and a ghostly aura, set against a dramatic sunset.
  • Texture: The wooden pieces offer a satisfying fit and a smooth, quality finish.
  • Variants: Offered in three sizes, each with a different piece count to provide the right level of challenge.

Whether you're a seasoned puzzle veteran or looking for a new challenge, the Sailing Ship Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle is sure to provide hours of engaging fun and a striking image upon completion.


  • Premium materials: cork, HDF wood, precise cutting, and printing.
  • Durability and fit: secure connections between pieces.
  • Brain-boosting fun develops problem-solving skills for all ages.
  • Engaging unboxing: natural wood aroma for family enjoyment.


  • S: 9.8*9.7in (100 pcs)
  • M: 11.8*11.7in (200 pcs)
  • L: 13.8*13.6in (300 pcs)


Eco-friendly bag packaging:

Wooden Gift Packaging:


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