About Us

The Original Puzzle was an idea born when Margaret Germain wanted to buy a present for her granddaughter and couldn’t find the perfect birthday present for her. As her granddaughter enjoyed puzzle games and anything to do with solving, she wrapped up a present that she made herself of a puzzle piece set of Alice In Wonderland. Her granddaughter loved it and asked her to make more of such Jigsaw Puzzle sets.

When Margaret started going deep into the world of puzzles, she thought it would be a good idea to sell some of the best artists’ works as puzzles for children and parents all over the world. Thus, The Original Puzzle was born.

Adults and kids irrespective of ages and genders love the puzzle sets as they are proven to develop your cognitive resonance as well as your ability to focus on day-to-day activities by 2x. Jigsaw puzzles enable the left side of the brain to work simultaneously with the right side. Our analytical left brain side works to logically sort the pieces while the right, our creative side, serves to see the finished product and works intuitively.

Another interesting health benefit of playing Jigsaw Puzzles is that it encourages the production of dopamine, a brain chemical that improves memory and develops intellectual growth. Since it doesn’t involve any UV lights or harmful radiations it’s good for smaller children as well.

We hope you enjoy putting the puzzle pieces together as much as we loved piecing them apart. Customers like you encourage us to create innovative new products every day and we hope you love The Original Puzzle.

Questions or concerns? Type an email out to us at info@theoriginalpuzzle.com

Or, simply mail us at address: 100 Church Street, Manhattan, 10007, USA