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Happy Halloween Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Happy Halloween Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

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Celebrate the eerie of time with our Happy Halloween Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle. Perfect for the Halloween spirit, this puzzle features iconic motifs such as grinning jack-o'-lanterns and figures all encased within a moonlit night backdrop.

Key Features :

  • Material: Made from premium, eco-friendly wood, ensuring lasting durability and a smooth, polished feel.
  • Intended Age Range: Designed for ages 8 and up, offering a fun challenge for both young ghouls and adult phantoms.
  • Special Features: Includes unique whimsical shapes like bats and figures, adding to the Halloween excitement.
  • Shape: The unique circular shape provides a twist on the traditional rectangular puzzles, offering a novel challenge.
  • Design: Vivid oranges, purples, and blacks come together in a Halloween theme, complete with intricate patterns and textures that evoke the spirit of the holiday.

    Package inclusions:

    • Eco-Friendly Bag Packaging: For secure storage and a nod to sustainability.
    • Wooden Gift Packaging: A beautiful wooden box option that doubles as a hauntingly elegant gift.

    Delve into the Happy Halloween Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle and unearth the joy of this fun season, piece by piece.


    • S - 7.8×7.8 in (106 pcs)
    • M - 9.8×9.8 in (208 pcs)
    • L - 11.8×11.8 in (282 pcs)
    • XL - 20×20 in (702 pcs)


      Eco-friendly bag packaging:

      Wooden Gift Packaging:

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