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Engraved Wildlife Expedition Wooden Name Puzzle

Engraved Wildlife Expedition Wooden Name Puzzle

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Embark on a miniature safari adventure with the Engraved Wildlife Expedition Wooden Name Puzzle, designed to capture the imagination and stimulate the minds of young explorers. Each element of this puzzle is crafted to provide a safe and instructive playtime experience.


  • Material: Constructed from robust wood to withstand the energy of enthusiastic learners.
  • Pieces: Features eight wildlife pieces including an elephant, sheep, panda, hippo, wolf, bear, zebra, and dog.
  • Customization: Personalize with a child's name in striking, prominent characters.
  • Finish Smoothly sanded pieces, each finished with care to ensure safety during play.
  • Design: Illustrated with engaging animal designs that are both visually appealing and friendly.
  • Interactive Element: Supports solo concentration and group interaction, enhancing social skills.
  • Learning Through Play: An invaluable tool for combining fun with educational growth during key developmental stages.


    • Big Board: 42×27.5 cm (16.5×10.82 inches)
    • Medium Board: 42x20cm (16.5×8.00 inches)
    • Average Height of Pieces: 6-8 cm (2.36-3.14 inches)
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