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Elephant Family Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Elephant Family Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

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This Elephant Family Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle isn't just a game; it's a journey through a kaleidoscope of color and design. The richly detailed pieces, when put together, form a stunning image that could double as a piece of art. It's a perfect gift for those who like puzzles, wildlife, or simply appreciate the beauty of elephants depicted in vibrant art. 

Introduce your family to the mesmerizing world of puzzles with the Elephant Family Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle, a piece that combines the beauty of art with the joy of problem-solving.

Key Features:

  • Sizes: Available in S (9×6.6in, 76pcs), M (12.8×9.3in, 164pcs), L (17×12.5in, 265pcs), XL (25×18.3in, 600pcs).
  • Material: Constructed from fine wood, each piece fits snugly with a satisfying click.
  • Intended Age Range: Suitable for puzzle enthusiasts from ages 8 to adult.
  • Design: Features a colorful, intricate depiction of an elephant family with vibrant patterns, appealing to art and puzzle fans alike.
  • Texture: The wooden pieces provide a tactile experience that is both engaging and calming.
  • Variants: Choose from four sizes, each offering a different complexity level to cater to your puzzle-solving cravings.

Whether it's a quiet evening or a challenging activity for a rainy day, the Elephant Family Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle is sure to provide entertainment and a sense of accomplishment once completed.


  • S: 9×6.6in (76pcs)
  • M: 12.8×9.3in (164pcs)
  • L: 17×12.5in (265pcs)
  • XL:  25×18.3in (600pcs)


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