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Constellation Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Constellation Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

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Embark on an astrological adventure with the Constellation Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle. This vibrant set marries the mystique of the stars with the intricate beauty of sea life, offering a stunning representation of the constellation in the form of its symbolic crab. It's a cosmic puzzle that's as challenging as it is dazzling, inviting you to piece together the universe's wonders.

Crafted with Precision:

  • Material: The puzzle is made from high-quality wood, ensuring durable, long-lasting enjoyment and a tight fit with every piece.
  • Design: Adorned with intricate mandala patterns and a spectrum of radiant colors, the crab comes to life, symbolizing the depth and intuition associated with the Cancer sign.
  • Texture & Pattern: The tactile experience is enhanced by the smooth, matte finish of each piece, emphasizing the rich details and making the puzzle a joy to handle.

Fun for All Ages:

  • Intended Age Range: Perfect for astrology lovers and jigsaw enthusiasts aged 8 and above, this puzzle is designed to captivate with its complexity and celestial charm.
  • Special Features: Unique, intricately cut pieces follow the theme of the zodiac and marine life, bringing an extra dimension of discovery and surprise to the assembly process.

    The Constellation Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle is not just a pastime but a celebration of the zodiac's mysteries and the beauty of the cosmos, offering an engaging and enlightening experience for all who partake.

    • S: 7.8×6.1in (84pcs)
    • M: 11×8.5in (151pcs)
    • L: 15.3×11.8in (289pcs)
    • XL: 23.6×18.3in (600pcs


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