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Basset Hound Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Basset Hound Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

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Discover the playful spirit of the Basset Hound with this intricately designed Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle. Each piece showcases the unique features of the breed in vivid patterns, adding a burst of color and joy to the puzzle-solving experience.

Crafted with Precision:

  • Material: High-quality wood ensures durable, long-lasting enjoyment and a snug fit among all the pieces.
  • Design: The Basset Hound is portrayed with a rich tapestry of colors and designs, highlighting its floppy-ears, soulful-eyes, and endearing demeanor in a whimsical style.
  • Texture & Pattern: The wooden pieces have a smooth, matte finish that enhances the tactile experience, inviting touch and engagement.

Fun for All Ages:

  • Intended Age Range: Designed for Basset Hound likers and puzzle masters aged 8 and up, this puzzle is perfect for those who enjoy a blend of challenge and charm.
  • Special Features: Within the puzzle, you may find specially shaped pieces that add an extra layer of fun and surprise, evoking the playful nature of the breed.

Eco-Friendly Packaging:

  • Packaging: The puzzle arrives in environmentally considerate packaging, reflecting the commitment to the Earth's well-being and for all its inhabitants.

The Basset Hound Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle is not just a pastime; it's a work of art that brings a smile to your face with each piece placed.


  • S - 7.8*8.4in (110 pcs)
  • M - 10.5*11.4in (180 pcs)
  • L - 12.3*13.3in (250 pcs)


  • Eco-friendly Bag Packaging
  • Wooden Gift Packaging 

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